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Tony Miller Construction has been building top tier Custom Homes for the past 25 years striving in high quality custom homes and remodels.  A business structured around integrity and respectable business ethics.  We have helped hundreds of clients build their dream homes to the standard they always imagined.  The difficult process is made simple with us guiding you through every step of the way.  We truly desire to help everyone with their housing needs with our wide ranges of expertise.  We have the ability to build cost effective rent house to million dollar custom homes and everything in between.  When it comes to trusting someone to build a custom home then you will want a builder that has plenty of experience and proven to be successful even in troubling economic times.  Throughout 25 years we have learned just about everything to building a home and are able to build any design with high standards.

#1 Respected Custom Home Builder in North Texas

A very popular question is why would I want to build a custom home.  The obvious reason is the customizable aspect to the home.  The ability to design the house down to every little detail is a very appealing factor.  The ability to have your cabinets, hallways, rooms, fireplaces, and windows customized to your liking is extremely exciting.  This is not the only reason.  A custom home will give you many upgraded features that is not included in standard homes.  A custom home requires a wide range of skills, which we have found the highest skilled craftsmen.  The process of being able to pick out items to complete your house as it is being built, is indescribable.  You are able to make changes that increase the value in you home and is most appealing for your desires.  Finally, the stability of your house is perhaps one of the most underrated values.  A custom home will be built to the ideal engineers plans to last for decades to come.  A little maintenance will always be required, but when compared to a standard home the difference is astronomical.

Why choose Tony Miller Construction? 

When it comes to building custom homes, the most important aspect in the builder is stability.  Tony Miller has built over a hundred homes over 25 years and has excelled in managing the project.  A great amount of builders end up short of resources as the project is finishing due to lack of experience.  This puts homeowners is a very difficult position.  Here at Tony Miller throughout the years have learned how to battle any problem that may arise and finish the project.  Tony Miller Construction is also one of the highest respected builders in the North Texas area and believe to produce the highest quality homes.  Tony takes extreme pride in his houses and does not allow any mistakes to go unnoticed.  He will constantly be at his projects making sure the work is up to his extremely high standards.  Tony is perhaps the best contractor to work with and he is able to give you great advice throughout the home, which you will be pleased with.  Any client that has moved into on of our homes over the past 25 years can verify our quality of homes.

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